Vietnam Update

Main Updates

Since Vietnam closed its borders to all international tourists on 22 March 2020, it still remains closed today (with the exception of diplomats, foreign investors, experts and skilled workers). The reopening of Vietnam is filled with speculations and proposed programmes which we outlined below. It is important to note, that although these news of reopening sounds very positive, there has been no official statement released by the Vietnam government regarding tourism reopening plans.

  • Reports of a ‘Phu Quoc’ Sandbox scheme was proposed to start this month. No recent updates on this news so far.
  • Ho Chi Minh authorities proposing to allow vaccinated visitors as earls as December 2021 via a 3-phased vaccine passport programme.
  • Other popular destinations to open on the 2nd phase of this programme from January 2022, are Kien Giang, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Quang Nam and Quang Ninh after completing a 7-day itinerary in Ho Chi Minh.
  • Future plans to fully reopen in June 2022.

Entry Requirements

  • Quarantine period for vaccinated travellers has now been reduced from 21 days to now only 7 days of hotel quarantine.
  • 14-days hotel quarantine are required for the unvaccinated/partially vaccinated or vaccinated with unrecognised COVID-19 vaccine.

We are in constant look-out for further announcements regarding Vietnam’s reopening. Though nothing is yet official we are confident that the country will soon release official plans and we will update you accordingly.